Location: Underway to Tarragona

Night watches are rarely dull, even less so when tasked with avoiding NATO Warships engaged in war games, but that is one of the many unexpected realities of Argo life which we have come to expect while underway. Unfortunately for us, it looks like we are just missing the wind on our latest leg of the Mediterranean adventure. The sea has been glass like for the last 24 hours, but the constant hum of the motor provides the perfect “white noise” to send everyone to sleep once off watch. After serving up the much celebrated American dish Mac and Cheese for lunch shipmates got busy learning the fundamentals of fire fighting while at sea, amongst other safety-related topics in their basic seamanship class. Next on the agenda was an intriguing Marine Biology class covering the 101 uses of algae in the common food market. Tarragona awaits us in the AM, bringing with it a new culture, a new lifestyle, and some new snack foods for everyone to sample.

set date: 2012-10-06