Location: Saba

We arose to the smell of pancakes and chocolate. After breakfast, group one was straight off to go diving with Saba Deep. Their boat pulled up next to ours, and we jumped across with our dive bags. The first group, comprised of Tici, Paige, Sven, Max, Zach, and Brittany, was the smaller group and was joined by two other Dutch divers. The first dive site was called Third Encounter and is where we saw two sharks, one nurse shark, and a Caribbean reef shark. The nurse shark swam right up to Tici and Max, while the Caribbean reef shark glided past us. This was the deep dive for the Advanced Open Water divers, and we went down to 110ft/29m. Then the second dive was at Ladder Bay, where there are normally turtles, but unfortunately, we didn’t see any. However, the other aquatic life defiantly made up for it. The other group on the boat had some time for chart work, as the test is coming up soon. Group one then came back to O-Star, and group two then came on the boat for their dives. They had a slightly different dive as they went to Third Encounter and Babyleon, they got to not only see the sharks, but also a turtle. While they were gone, group one had their chance to do some chart work. Group two got back around 5, and then it was time for the chefs to cook again. The meal was one of the favorites of the trip for everyone. Tonight we plan to sail back to the BVI due to an approaching storm.