Location: Antigua

The day started out slow, on account of nearly everyone being exhausted from our passage to get to Antigua (we departed at 10 pm with 3-hour shifts for each watch team). Waking up at the crack of dawn (6:30 am or so being my definition of that term), all hands were called on deck to lower canvas and prep anchors as we approached our destination. Once the sails had been lowered, boat appreciation began as we waited to dock. The island is quite a sight with cliffs on the outer banks and the harbor overlooked by the old British fort, which we are now tied up near. We have not been docked overnight since our first night onboard Ocean Star, and the ability to jump to solid land at will has definitely been a nice change of pace (as well as the normal-sized toilets that flush on their own onshore). Everyone was eager to go out to check out the town for lunch and nap on return, and nearly all of us took advantage of the freshwater showers onshore. We wrapped up the day with a dinner of beans, rice, and hotdogs below deck since the tropical storm had arrived around mid-day, and later some good-ole Oceanography class with Laurie. Once class was over, no one wasted any time when it came to getting some shut-eye.