Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Today started off with a late wake-up at 7:30 when the skipper forgot to set his alarm (oops!), but luckily it didn’t matter too much as a special breakfast of shore croissants came in on the dingy at 8:00. And they were delicious. Some chocolate, some plain, all soft and flaky. They did end up all over the deck, but they were definitely worth it. After breakfast, we finished our certification paperwork for advanced open water divers! We’re all certified! We also logged our dives from the last few days into our logbooks.

Then, we headed to shore for an awesome excursion: we were going zip lining! We all piled into three taxi vans and headed for the mountains. When we arrived at the location, there were adorable and friendly cats and dogs that came and said hello while we set up the gear. Then, we were ago. A short walk led to the first line, and while the harnesses were a bit uncomfortable, it was an awesome experience. We flew from tree to tree, across huge valleys, with some really fun guides. While getting on one of the lines, I jumped, and the track fell off the line! Of course, there were several backup lines holding me on, but I stopped dead in my tracks, and one of the guides had to come to fix my track while I held myself up to give him slack. Afterward, we had some sandwiches (and a Nutella sandwich for Skylar) and smoothies from the zip-line center, along with a couple of other snacks some of us had brought. We once again piled into the taxi vans and headed back to the harbor, where we had a bit of shore time before heading back to the boat. Some of us bought secret Santa gifts, some went souvenir shopping, and some went to get some more snacks.

While waiting for the dinghy to arrive, we watched the last bit of the England vs. France world cup game, which was insane. We all agreed that it would’ve been hype if England sunk that last free kick. Then we all headed back to the boat to huck backies but instead found something else. Thousands of small mosquito-like flies that we call “no-see-ems” we’re covering the deck. We think they were attracted to our lights and the sudden drop in wind. Of course, this wasn’t going to stop us from hucking. We had a great time in the water, and a couple of us finally did our first backies, which was awesome to watchhuge props to Caro, Zoe, Skylar, and Max. We also played some king of the hill on the paddleboard, which apparently had been in the laz of the boat the whole trip.

Then was dinner, a delicious quiche, and my squeeze question was to say which zombie-related movie, show, etc., you would be in. Although half the crew apparently hasn’t seen any zombie anything, there were some great answers, including the Plants vs. Zombies video game and the movie Zombieland. My answer was the animated movie Paranorman, in which the zombies don’t kill anyone, so I’d be chillin’. After dinner, clean up, and some fly obliteration with the hose, we all watched The Conjuring 2 in the salon, which was incredibly scary but awesome. We then all went to bed, too afraid to go to the bathroom alone.