Location: Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Wakeups were to the smell of baking in the galley as the chef team was up early, preparing a wonderful breakfast to start our day off. The first activity of the day involved Lolo taking over a small cafe with all of our charts for an extended Navmaster class. This came as a welcome break of the normal squeeze fitting everyone into the saloon, on the galley floor and on top of the fridge in the never-ending search for space to spread our charts out as the details of the Chesapeake Bay are learned to extraordinary detail (for example the exact location of Wolf Trap Light, 3723’24″N 7611’24″W).

After their lesson, they were set free, with the enthusiasm of Mel Gibson shouting “FREEEEEEDOM” they trotted off to various corners of Marigot Bay for about 5 hours. For the next few hours, it felt as if I was in a massive game of hide and seek, of which I lost, so I can not tell you what they got up to as I didn’t come across any of them in their travels. But for us that remained behind, lessons were prepped, learning objectives written, handymen met, the sand lines eased off just for a superyacht to pass off our bow and cake prepped for Kyle’s birthday.

After celebrating Kyle’s birthday, this evening brings the review session for part two of marine biology. This test will quiz them on their knowledge of marine Phyla ranging from Porifera through to Chordates.