Location: Tobago Cays

I was woken up this morning by sunrise snorkelers, who came back in time for breakfast, having seen a spotted eagle ray, jawfish, and turtles. We began the morning with a crepe breakfast, which was still delicious even though we just ran out of Nutella. We then had OCE class, where we learned about the transmission of energy in seawater and reviewed for our quiz tomorrow (we will be ready!). After class, we completed passage prep for our brief motor over to Petite Tabac, better known as Jack Sparrow Island. It is the island where Jack Sparrow, in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, was marooned with Elizabeth Swan, also known as Kiera Knightly. We anchored next to the island and, after organizing a group-jumping picture into the ocean, swam to shore. We spent the afternoon exploring the sandy island, creating”unsuccessful” human pyramids, and attempting headstands on the beach. After much-needed showers and amazing makes-you-think-of-home-its-so-good mac-and-cheese, we all got ready for our first night snorkel. It was incredible to see how active marine life is after dark. We saw plenty of lobsters and little parrotfish sleeping. I even spotted a lobster that my OCB teacher had never seen before: a slippery lobster. The night snorkel was insanely cool, to say the least, and got all of us excited for our upcoming night dive at Les Saintes. The night was brought to a close with a warm cup of hot cocoa.