Location: Cape Town

Another day full of outdoor adventure, classes, and learning the ropes of living on a boat with 22 strangers has passed. Many of the students have felt overwhelmed as we dive into course material and new sailing terminology and being away from home, yet we become closer every moment. We have had many laughs, giggles, and frustrations that come with such an unfamiliar situation.
Today, we hiked Lions Head, which was a steep and sweaty climb. The morning fog suggested poor views and colder temps, but as we reached the summit, we emerged from the clouds to a gorgeous view of Table Mountain and surrounding peaks. We were all out of breath with sweat pearling from our foreheads, nonetheless we proceeded to fill our galleries with many photos which you will see below. Once we had made it back down to the bus, we treated ourselves to cold fruit smoothies, a great thirst quencher! It would be an understatement to say we had a great time.
This afternoon, we sat for our second class intro: Oceanography. We discussed the many facets of the course, such as physics, chemistry, and astronomy, as well as some history about how the world traveled in the early days of sailing. After that, we split up into teams for our group research project and tested out some of the many tools we have aboard for collecting data.
We finished the day off with a delicious butter chicken, cauliflower, and homemade naan bread while discussing embarrassing memories from our past. The crew is enjoying each other’s company and learning about our similarities as well as differences, yet we are excited to get going on our passage to Saint Helena on Tuesday!