Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Wowzers Bowsers! It’s already day 14- two weeks in! We had a lovely sunrise this morning, which some people saw during their early morning workout. We then had a wonderful breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, and veggie sausages cooked by our chefs Mackenzie, Eli, and Hedrek. After clean-up, our dynamic day started! The first group of divers got their kits together to head out on a couple more open water dives. Today was a big day because we got a few more certified divers on board! Alex, Kelly, and Mackenzie did amazing in their final open water training dives- we had a blast exploring the dive site and seeing creatures such as a few lizardfish, oodles of parrotfish, an exciting amount of Christmas tree worms, and so much more.
Meanwhile, on Ocean Star, Sam taught an oceanography lecture, and the certified divers helped Hedrek with some sail work. Once the first group of divers got back to Ocean Star, we enjoyed a great lunch, and then the next group of divers got ready to go see the beautiful dive site as well. In the afternoon, many enjoyed some time swimming around the boat with some floaties (RIP the giraffe) and sat down for the oceanography class in the cool A/C of the salon.
The sunset and moonrise were gorgeous backdrops for our dinner and nightly squeeze-tonights question “what would be your mediocre superpower?” The answers were very creative and fun; never being sick, teleporting 3 ft to the left, bringing instant joy to others, never having to wait in a line, and so on. The students ended the day working on some papers and playing games in the salon. We are loving Les Saintes and are excited to see what tomorrow brings.

All my best and good vibes,

Photo 1- Ela, Sarah, Kelly, and Sierra enjoying the sunset
Photo 2- Our beautiful dive site
Photo 3- Ready for oceanography class with Sam
Photo 4- Ela and Sierra sleepy bright faces up for the sunrise
Photo 5- Ash’s dive group in the water after their beautiful dive (Brett, Ash, Fizz, Savannah, Ela, and Sarah)