Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

It was a bumpy overnight passage from Phuket to Langkawi, during which we all got a good taste of the conditions of the open ocean. The sunrise was beautiful, coming up behind the Malaysian hills. After lunch, we started to strike sails and ready the boat for anchoring in Langkawi, most of which included flaking the sails neatly and putting their covers on, a process that is much easier said than done. Once anchored, we continued our BA (Boat Appreciation) from yesterday with a thorough deck wash and wax while Kris and Laurie headed onshore to clear us through customs. We scrubbed hard and cleaned the deck well in the warm, very sunny Malaysian weather. After a good haul of work was completed, there were some rosy cheeks and noses. Very much, Aloe was applied. Note to self – even more sunscreen tomorrow. The real excitement of the day was when we took showers after finishing the BA. Giulia and Shannon were the first two to jump in the water, and just as soon as they did, they realized that there was a bit of a current. However, they merely laughed, and they swam as hard as possible against the current and grabbed onto the dinghy, which was sitting alongside Argo, using it as an in-between platform on the way to the ladder. All in all, it was a productive day, and we are now, after a delicious dinner, going to go ashore and enjoy the warm evenings here near the equator and savor our last few times on land before we head off on our passage to the Maldives.

Peace, Love, and Fair Winds,