Location: Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu

Today we awoke bright-eyed from an extra hour’s sleep from the time change to a clean and shiny Argo. It was going to be a great day! Everyone was excited to get on shore after four days at sea to celebrate Vanuatu’s Independence Day! We had missed July 4th back home, but we’re determined to more than makeup for it in this land most of us had never heard of before this trip. So after a brief morning of Marine Biology class, most of the crew headed ashore to scout out the most commercialized port we have seen so far. Yet, many of us chose to venture off the path and visit beautiful waterfalls, surfing competitions, and other festivities that were going on in town for the holiday. A few of us, including myself, chose to stay on the boat to catch up on some sleep, do a bit of work, and have an overall relaxing morning. Luckily, we did because there was a boat parade that passed right by Argo involving a water balloon fight with small children on a family boat and putting up decoration flags so that Argo could not only be the most beautiful ship in the harbor but also be the best dressed to the party. We then all got ready for a night out on the town in our nice dresses and real people’s attire.

Onshore a few of the girls, Ellie, Grace, Frankie, and Sam, chose to really embrace their life back home and played a couple of holes of golf to unwind at the local country club. While Katelyn, Jim, Henry, Lindsey, and I chose to spice things up a bit at the local Casino playing Black Jack and cleaned them out! Katelyn was the big winner beginning at $30US and walking away with $100US. Lindsey also won big with $50US starting and $100US ending. I only won $5US in comparison, but I still fared better than the boys, who lost $2 and $10. I won’t mention names, though. I guess luck was a lady tonight! After our big winning, we left to grab some delicious steak for the first time on this trip! A perfect end to a perfect day! I miss you, Mom and Dad! Tell Banny Boo I miss him too and could have used his help at the Casino! See you in Australia, Ma!