Location: Palau

What a day it has been.
The highlight of today was having two more souls aboard – Lilly and Larkin. Warm welcomes aside, the energy onboard has been filled with so much excitement and laughter since their arrival late last night.
Wake-ups happened at 0700, followed by a quick oatmeal bake breakfast at 0730. It was surreal waking up surrounded by lumpy well-vegetated limestone islands; they looked as if they floated above the water. At 0800, we expertly took up anchor to head to the dock for some refueling and shore time. Once arrived, every one helped to secure Vela and promptly left for the promised land. Shore time was partially spent reconnecting with family and friends using some precious wifi. Some chose to explore downtown after an appropriate dose of said wifi, but most went on a super cool adventure hike in a jungle. Snacks were also restocked at a local tiny Everything store, where people were way less conservative with the amount of snacks this time around. We found out the hard way that three boxes of cookies for three weeks at sea does not last more than 48 hours. *agherm* *Margaret* *agherm* It was nice to reconvene for a communal lunch at a restaurant named “The Famous Drop Off Bar And Grill”. Nachos, curly fries, mac n’ cheeseburgers, burger burgers, COLD drinks, FRESH food (no cans in sight), and ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!
The sun was extra spicy today. It did not rain, but everyone was drippin’, if you catch my drift. Luckily the ocean was near.
1500 rolled about, and it was back to Vela for a relocation nearer to the floating island.
1600 brought along a wonderful lecture by Professor Peanut himself on Estuaries and their amazing properties.
A lovely swim/shower refreshed us for a lovely curry dinner with naan, which was followed by our first leadership course with our gracious leader Tom, who chose to wear no shirt and a light-up crown.