Location: Grenada

Today, at around 9 in the morning we ended one of our longer passages of the entire trip. We came down to Grenada from Montserrat, which was a full 2 day sail. When we got in this morning we did about two hours of boat appreciation. We scrubbed the cap rails and sexied up the deck to make Ocean star look like the magnificent sea queen she is once again. It was hard work, but it paid off! The rest of the day we had free time, and most of us decided to go to shore to explore the island a little bit. Some of us ended up going to St. Georges, a small town not to far from the marina we are at. This town has probably one of the best spice selections I have ever seen as well as countless bits and bobs that were locally made for sale. We are all very tired after the passage down here but are also very excited for our all day hike tomorrow up Mt. Qua Qua and the Seven Sisters Waterfalls! setdate:2012-10-08