Location: 27*01,413S. 49*04, 926E

After about 9 days of having the engine on, today was the first day that we were able to turn it off and really start sailing for a good amount of time. We have reached our waypoint at the bottom of Madagascar and are now heading at a course of 280 headed straight for Richards Bay. Other than that, it was just another day of passage filled with waking up early in the morning and sleeping through most of the day. We had leadership essays due today, and so most people were working on those trying to get them in last minute. Then after that, we had Leadership class and Marine Bio. At around 5, we decided to put up a reefed mainsail, and that leads us into dinner. It was a pretty uneventful day other than having the swell starting to rock vela from a different direction. This passage is going by so much faster than the last one. It is crazy to think that in just a matter of a couple of days that we sailed the length of Madagascar. Nothing else to really say about today, and just looking forward to tomorrow.


Love Max



1. Emily and Sam

2. Seth and Dylan

3. Carly and Sam