Location: Underway to the BVI's

The day started with some jam-filled French toast to give us some energy for our two dives with Steve from Saba Deep. We broke up into two groups to enable half of us to work on our OCE research projects while the other half did two amazing wall dives. The first dive was about 85 ft and the second about 60-80 ft. The excitement occurred on both groups’ second dive. We were both lucky enough to see a manta ray swim right past us. The second group (Mike, Whitney, Jess, Zack, Jarod, and Travis) actually got really close to the ray, about 10 feet. The ray had a span of about 5-6 ft. After dinner, we sailed from Saba to the BVI. Our trip is ending quickly, and we are trying to absorb every last bit of excitement before we leave.