Location: Ko Chang, Thailand

Well, another day in Ko Chang!! Certainly not a terrible place to be stuck in! Our shore adventure today consisted of a spectacular and trying hike- much more intense than our walk to the waterfall yesterday. We found ourselves quite off the beaten path, making our way up and around another much larger waterfall. Rocks were clung to, slimy rocks balanced upon, and vines swung from- by far the most exciting, adventurous hike I’ve ever been on. We all turned up extremely dirty and tired but, most importantly, excited and satisfied. Upon our return to Argo, we found out the scale of our engine problem. It seems it will take about a week to fix- a letdown but a golden opportunity for a new, spontaneous adventure. We’re headed to Cambodia! Everyone seems very pleased with this plan, despite the delay in sailing. We’ll be heading for the border early Saturday and spend a good four days experiencing the ruins of Angkor Wat. We’ll miss Argo, but Saturday cannot come soon enough. What a delightful surprise to be headed into Cambodia.