Location: Colon, Panama

Yesterday began with a treat for breakfast. Instead of the usual cereal we get underway, we had the luxury of being docked, so Sam cooked up his famous eggs Benedict for the crew to enjoy- yum! After our delicious meal, we had a morning of science- in marine biology class, we discussed the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas. We split the class into groups representing countries we have visited and talked about the challenges they face in protecting their reef resources and how to overcome them. In oceanography, the crew began the biology portion of the class and prepared for an upcoming discussion on the Gaia hypothesis. After a delicious lunch of Caesar salad, the crew discussed their strengths and weaknesses in their leadership class and then had some free time. At the marina, everyone got their fix on the internet, took a swim in the pool, and cleaned the mini-mart out of cold Coca-Cola. In the evening, after dinner, it was an enjoyable night out in our small marina and the chance to talk to many loved ones through Skype and chat up some of the cruisers docked nearby that often have some interesting stories to tell. While Argo is awaiting its turn through the Panama Canal, it is nice to take advantage of the amenities the marina has to offer before we head out for many days in blue water!