Location: Underway to the Canaries

We woke up to Holden reeling in a three and a half-foot Dolphin fish. The color of him in the water was an amazing blue, green, and golden yellow. Being sufficient food for thirty, we changed lunch to fish tacos. As you could imagine, 3-hour-old Mahi Mahi was the freshest any of us will probably ever taste. Continuing after lunch, we spotted many turtles, dolphins, and even a shark. Sadly dinner wasn’t also fresh fish. My squeeze question before dinner was, “What scent would you choose to smell every time the wind blew.” Our answers consisted of fall, Christmas cookies, and snow reminding us all of pumpkin iced coffee’s, gingerbread cookies, and the crisp cold air of home. Tomorrow we will be arriving in the Canaries, making it yet another successful day on Argo.