Location: Barbuda

We rose early this morning, grateful to put a long night of heavy swells behind us and get on with the day. Despite the rocking and rolling of the night before, today turned out to be one of the best days yet. We took the dinghy to Barbuda, a task that involved carrying it up on shore and over a sand bar. Most people went to town, which was described by the crew as “sleepy” but awesome. The rest of us stayed back and walked the endless beach and attempted to bodysurf. It was a day of merry play on the beach, followed by a large game of water polo. As the sun set, we ate a nice dinner. Matt’s birthday was celebrated with a variety of cake and cookie treats, and we prepared the boat for our sail to St. Barths. We set off at 20:00 hours to clear skies and calm waters. The crew agreed that Barbuda was one of the best islands we had visited, and it had recharged us for more adventures.