Location: Civitavecchia,Italy


Day 69 blog is being brought to you by Pheebs 4 days late because Claire hasn’t had time to get around to it.

We began this day with Leo’s awesome full English breakfast that fuelled us up for a long day of appreciating Argo for bringing us across the Atlantic Ocean. After breakfast was cleaned up, BA began. We broke into teams to tackle different tasks and deep clean Argo as best we could. Claire led the galley and salon team for a deep clean and reorganization while Gabe and Calum headed up all deck operations, from breaking down Plaii to stowing away the jibs and washing the deck. Washing and checking PFDs was led by Will while Amanda was everywhere doing everything, as usual. After returning from doing the ship’s laundry, I hopped in to join the chaos.

At noon, we broke for lunch and planned to meet back at 1330 to finish up what we had left. Around 1740, we wrapped up our final BA, and everyone knuckled down to get our goodbye notecards written. Meeting at 1900 for our final appreciation and squeeze brought brilliant memories and lots of tears. After reminiscing over all the moments we spent together, we headed up the wall for a delicious Italian dinner.

The bonds and memories made between every shipmate are indescribable. Crossing an ocean and exploring new countries together is not something most people can understand. The gratitude we all share for one another will live forever through this life-changing experience.

I love you all.