Location: Underway to Madeira

Let me just start by saying that today was AMAZING! We had calm seas, a couple of tacks and gybes, Oceanography and Leadership class, and lots of sunshine. However, the best part of the day was when Brahm and I were on watch and two False Killer Whales surfaced just next to the boat. We weren’t sure of the species right away so while Brahm began shouting Orcas, I shouted down into each of the companionways saying WHALES! Leadership class was put on hold and everyone threw on their PFDs and rushed on deck. Some were so eager to get on deck, that they grabbed the first Type 1 PFD, or Big Orange as we like to call them, that they could find. Everyone squealed with excitement as False Killer Whales (Pseudorca crassidens) and the largest Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) I have ever seen started bow riding. The False Killer Whales seemed to be coming from just about every direction and started breaching just ahead of us. This was a spectacular sight to see. After further research with our Marine Mammal ID book on board, we learned that False Killer Whales are also a type of dolphin and these two species are commonly seen swimming together in pods. False Killer Whales are commonly confused with Killer Whales hence the name, as well as, Brahm shouting Orca. After the dolphins moved on with their day, everyone got back to Leadership class but when I walked in to the salon, they were watching a video from Blue Planet 2 on Pilot Whales, so I think it’s safe to say that Tim felt pretty inspired by the marine life sightings. Once class finished and we had some more people on deck, we completed a tack and a gybe to give some space to an incoming cargo ship which was great fun and good practice for everyone involved. We rounded off the day with another great meal prepared by Chef Emma and Co. and are gearing up for another starry night underway.

1: Claudia is stoked
2-3: False Killer Whales

Current position: 3549.93’N x 2614.87’W