Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Aloha everybody! Today on the Vela, we woke up with intense amounts of excitement and mild exhaustion from the long day one. Breakfast was an amazing English-style meal which we gobbled down, and then we went off to learn about our new home for the next three months at sea! We separated into groups and had a very fun lesson about different parts of the boat with each teacher. It’s a fun crew, to say the least. We made all kinds of discoveries, like Matt and Gabby are both horse girls! Anyways! After that, we hung out on the nets out front to eat oranges. We watched Frankie the Pelican swoop gracefully into the water right in front of our shining eyes! As skipper, my job today was to wrangle all the wild children on board.

Once I successfully did that, we gathered for lunch to discuss topics like how much un-shredded gnar we have bottled up and how excited we are to shred it! Lunch was an incredibly tasty black bean burger with fries that filled us up. Then we went to learn about diving and getting our PADI certifications which we’ll begin tomorrow! “It’s so much fun watching all of the non-certified people sit through the “very informative videos,” Fargo states enthusiastically. Finally, we got to take our swim and treading test! Charlie says, “I had so much fun swimming fast”! Jumping in the splendid Caribbean water was the highlight of today for sure!!! While on the beach, we got to collect some beautiful shells and play around on the docks. Everyone had a blast then we boated back to the ship and got showered. Dinner was some I N C R E D I B L E curry, naan bread, and rice. Steph is the best cook ever and can make a MEAN gluten-free bread! What a fantastic day! Sammy and I brought Macadamia nuts from Hawaii for everyone, which we all shared as a sweet treat after dinner. Can’t wait for tomorrow when we set sail out!! Kirby from New York says, “it is litty out here, dawg!” We’re now headed for bed to prepare for a fun-filled day tomorrow. Love to all my (our) family back home in Hawai’i! I miss you guys so much!!! Kisses!