Location: 28,09,5 S ; 07,25,5 E

Good morning all! Watch team one’s shift began at the bright and early 4 am. Many of us began with tired eyes, but everyone was enthusiastic and ready to man the helm, partake in boat checks as well as bow watches. After we were relieved of our shift at 8 am, the team caught up on assignments or needed sleep. At noon, the crew was woken to a fantastic lunch that energized us for our oceanography and seamanship classes. Getting into the swing of things has been quite difficult as we have been fighting seasickness and sunburns, but the staff has been nothing but understanding and kind as we learn how to balance this new lifestyle.

The evening continues on with refreshing showers before we cycle into another watch shift. Those of us on bow watch are lucky enough to spot turtles, flying fish and even dolphins! We enjoy listening to each other’s stories as well as singing together to make the time even more enjoyable. Before dinner, we assisted our Chief Mate with a controlled jibe and tested each other’s knowledge on tying different knots– particularly the famous bowline. The night ended with a round of squeeze, where the crew answered what their most fond memory with their family was. I can most certainly say that my most fond memory was going to the beach on Cape Cod during the summer and spending countless hours swimming in the waves and stopping for ice cream afterward. I did not only have the privilege of recollecting these memories but also having the crew give a name to a wave in the distance to end the round of squeeze.

Needless to say, I feel so blessed to be apart of this journey as we all create new memories that will last a lifetime! To my family, I miss you all so very much, and I cannot wait to tell you all of every single adventure that I get to have with this amazing crew. Fair winds and following seas to all!