Location: Dominica

I woke up this morning to find myself in the idyllic bay of Newtown, just south of Roseau (the capital of Dominica). Instantly, I jumped into the water and was shortly joined by a couple of the students and staff. Taylor floated in a starfish shape on the soft surface while Anna performed graceful dives from the bowsprit.

After getting dry, I woke up the stragglers at the luxuriously late time of 8:30 am. I did this by parading up through the forward companionway with my guitar. As with the rest of the boys, Xavi seemed slightly less than pleased by the wake up… however, this was short-lived – they remembered that they had just finished the crossing and that today would be something new!

We rolled through breakfast fairly quickly and then moved straight on to the task at hand… MAKE ARGO CLEAN. With military precision, we divided into teams and tackled several missions. The topsides where cleaned and certain spots were rust busted, the deck was washed, the fridges and freezers received some much needed attention, and our bunks got turned over and aired out. Would you believe that this was all achieved before lunch? Well, it was.

After lunch, the cockpit was filled with smug faces anticipating Amanda’s next few words. She then announced what we had all been waiting to hear… “tonight will be a sign-out night,” – cueing the excited uproar of land-deprived crew members. Tidying up any loose ends by 1600, we ran shuttles in Plaii over to Dive Dominica (a local dive school and restaurant with accommodation for guests). Dining on authentic Caribbean food such as plantains and creole chicken, we sat (relatively) peacefully and reflected on our journey together thus far.

Before long, the evening came to an end, and we headed back to the boat. Like a fireworks display, the night was a celebration and a quick release of energy that fizzled out almost as quickly as it started. All staff and crew lay down their heads and slept happily, knowing that Argo and her occupants were all safe and happy.