Location: Madeira

With the absence of reality on this ship, Im going to say my day started last night in the galley with Erik. Our mission: Naan. We had a great time punching (absolutely beating up) the dough, and thats when he contemplated making sweet naan as well as traditional garlic, so we made one batch with honey and the other with garlic. After helping him punch and roll up the dough, I went up on watch for an hour and sent Gabby down. Soon enough, the smell of fresh bread wafted through the ship and up on deck. Watch team 1 began pestering me with questions about when it would be ready. When I came back down the companionway, the smell of naan filled the air, chocolate was everywhere, and the floor was slick with butter! The bread maker, sous chef, and friends (Calli and Miles joined the galley party) all turned to me with naan in their hands and mischievous sugar-filled smiles on their faces (Nutella and peanut butter smeared along those smiles as well). A few minutes after Gabby went back up on watch, rain started pouring down the companionway hatch.

I was glad to be in the galley for once as the boat swayed in the 6m swells, we slipped and slid around the butter and rain-slicked floor, finished up the naan for the other teams (and devoured the rest). After cleaning up, chatting with Sean and Gabby after watch, and taking a quick shower, I went to sleep for a few hours before being woken up 812 p.m. watch in the morning. The sunrise was absolutely stunning! A beautiful start to the halfway point of our time here on Argo. Captain Cal joined watch team 1 for most of the morning and showed Gabby and me how to use the sextant! I also got to the helm for a bit, which was super fun in the giant swells. After lunch, my team performed our sea shanty, which we had spent our last few watches creating/practicing. It was quite the show. We were then visited by the king of time and set argo time an hour back. After clean up, we had a leadership class taught by Gordon, Erik, and Wednesday. Classes are interesting underway since half the crew has to stay horizontal or else the sea sickness wins halfway through the class, Cal shouted through the hatch, Land ho! which sent a buzz through the room. Also, after class, during watch team 3s (Tdubs) watch, we had our second fish catch of the voyage by Liam! Dinner ended with a beautiful sunset, and at 10:30 pm0:30 p.m., we arrived in Madeira! Now were anchored down and ready for what new adventures this island and the next half of our time on argo brings!