Location: Underway to Palau

Spirits are high as we get into our second day of passage. This is despite however sick some of us may feel. I’m sure in a few day’s time, all of us will be right as rain, but for now, we’re making a good show of completing jobs for people that are too sick to finish them. Today we’ve also completed another major milestone of the semester over we’ve traveled over 1,000 nautical miles to this point. That sounds like quite a large number, but it pales in comparison to the few thousand more we must travel to arrive in Palau. It can be hard to eat when you feel sick, but that hasn’t stopped us from having a run of fantastic meals for lunch and dinner. This is an even more impressive feat when you have to consider that Argo is navigating rather large swells at the same time.

It’s hard to break the habit of leaving things somewhere and expecting them to stay there. For most of our lives, we think that if we set things down, gravity will take care of the rest. Such is not the case when Argo is heeling 30 degrees port or starboard. A pen or notebook won’t stay on the table, and in even worse cases, a laptop won’t either. Despite feeling like death itself earlier today, I received a gift of Dramamine from a fellow crewmate, and it’s a night and day difference. The 6 – 8 p.m. “dog watch” of only two hours (compared to the usual 4-hour watch) passed by in an incredibly fun way, a dance party! By that point, a great deal of us was feeling at least somewhat better, and I hope that all of us will continue to feel better as the days progress.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Noushine!

Current position:

Caroline pulling us off the dock yesterday
Cole and E at the helm