Location: Saba

As the crew began to rise, so did high spirits. The Captain delivered to us a message of our future deep dive. Saba Rock was believed to be one of the more beautiful dives on our journey. As we started to prepare for the passage, few raced to the market to retain some last-minute sweets while others delighted in the simple pleasure of a cold shower in the local restrooms. The pre-passage check went smoothly, and everyone was willing to lend a hand. It started with a quick goodbye to St Bart’s and a fast hello to the new island. As we arrived hours later, the massive rock came into view. Lined with trees and amazing rock formations, this island was one of a kind. The sunset complimented dinner as well. It shined bright over the clouds, illuminating the bowsprit. The student Chefs presented everyone with a special dinner consisting of gourmet pasta and a side salad. I had three helpings myself.