Location: San Blas Islands

Today started with some yummy banana bread made by head chef Lexi. We are anchored near two beautiful and (almost) deserted islands called “Cayo Holandes.” After breakfast, 1/2 of the group had a navmaster class (the exam is getting closer) with Drew, while the other half did rescue diving training with Steph and Matt, which was a lot of fun! After lunch, we had an Oceanography class that ended with a science lab involving candies (each type represented a different kind of sediment). Then came, without a doubt, the best part of the day: beach time! It was magical to walk around these islands. We saw some beautiful shells (but taking anything for yourself is forbidden), A LOT of coconuts, and pure wilderness. There seem to be some permanent inhabitants, which are all kuna people, and who live off fishing without roads, schools, or any kind of infrastructure. They are all super nice, and a little kid played football (soccer) with us. One of them had a pet monkey who LOVED Ben. Out of all the places we have been so far, this one was the first that truly made us feel like being in the middle of nowhere, out of touch with reality (“It felt like being in a movie” – Alexis). Back to Vela, we ate a delicious Chicken satay, and everyone agreed that it was another truly wonderful day.