Location: St. Kitts

The day began with a rainbow. Some of us woke up early to do laundry; others enjoyed their much-needed sleep after such a long passage. After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, we assembled on the beach of St. Christopher, or St. Kitts, as the islanders call it. While some enjoyed the scenic view, others took pictures, and still, others collected beautiful sea glass. Then it was time for our open-air bus tour of the island. Our tour guide, Kenny, was a character. The self-proclaimed “Captain Sunshine” sang “Lean on Me,” cut us some sugar cane, took crazy pictures with us, and even let us meet his family’s pet monkey. Everyone loved the monkey. Tici cried with joy, and he even climbed on my cap! Midway through our tour, we visited Fort George on Brimstone Hill- a 17th-century British structure. Finally, the tour ended, and we were deposited right in the thick of things in Basse-Terre, the capital of the island. We found a caf with WIFI, enjoyed the local cuisine, and called some of our parents, siblings, and friends. Then it was shopping time. The spoils? A local Caribbean fruit that everyone loved. Finally, after showers and a dinner of Thai chicken and rice, it is now time for our first oceanography lecture. Time for some science!