Location: Underway to Mauritius

This Friday marked our first full week into passage and the end of a series of daunting due dates, which we were all relieved to get beyond. The rhythm of the passage has set in, and the constant chaos and noise have died off for the most part. We all have begun to enjoy the little things a bit more. Of course, there are still moments of great excitement, like big waves splashing over the deck and engulfing Daniel while he was trash master. However, buy in large, the sweetness is found in the smile you get after handing someone a tea or coffee you’ve made them on watch. Things have slowed down and given us a chance to find peace in the simple daily roles we have adopted. There was much excitement at lunch as well as dinner, which ended on a high note with all of us screaming at the top of our lungs in harmony. It’s nice knowing all the art and genuinely funny moments that we get to revel in each day are a product of our journey into the ocean and away from the distractions of the world back home. There’s been a shift from the goal of getting to Mauritius to the opportunity of getting the most out of each moment of passage. Each day, we find ourselves resonating more out of the compassion of the heart as the long hours drifting through the sea are no longer something that we do as individuals but as a unified self. Heading forward toward Tom’s circumnavigation, everyone seems to be excited to pitch in for the upcoming celebration with drawings, delicious baked goods, and lots of congratulations. Although our captain has been sailing for many years beyond us, we get to share the joy that is being in the middle of the Indian Ocean together.