Location: Gibraltar

Once upon a time on a ship called Argo….we had a pretty awesome day. We got movin’ around 7 am and had an amazing pancake breakfast with some Nutella topping! After that, the crew got ready for the first full day off the boat in Gibraltar. We all jammed into a van and set off on a tour full of fun and sun. First, we went to this beautiful lookout. We were able to sea (ha!) the whole bay, Spain, and whoa, whoa AFRICA from this place! It was absolutely beautiful. We then drove through many small tunnels and up very steep roads to arrive at a cave. The cave was really cool. It was lined with colorful lights and was so big that they were able to hold concerts in it. In the same area of the cave is where a lot of Gibraltar monkeys like to hang out, so naturally, we got to play around with them. For the most part, the monkeys kept to themselves. Well, except for when they decided to jump on Lindsey’s head! We relaxed and took a few “selfies” with the monkeys for a while and then headed back down the mountain to port. From there, we were given free time to get lunch and explore. It was really nice to be able to explore the rest of the city. The food is great, and the people are nice! Everyone was back on board by six and ready to eat dinner. We had curry and rice, and it was delicious! Shout out to the cooks, Ben, Max, and Haley, for getting up at sunrise to start preparing that meal! We are currently doing a cleanup and then are able to have a night out with all the shipmates. We all want to make a to toast the fact that we have officially made it across the Atlantic Ocean. Overall, today was a long but awesome day!