Location: Barbados

Hi family and friends!

Our final dive day in Barbados did not disappoint. Watch team Jared (open water class divers – MG, Elizabeth, Gabe D, and me) had our last open water dives and passed the exam, so we are all now certified divers!!! Not many people can say that they saw turtles and squid during their confined water lessons, a manta ray on their second open water lesson, and had their third and fourth open water lessons at a shipwreck. The shipwreck dive was full of fish, coral, and sponges, with what looked like a submarine wreck nearby. To be fair, we all do still need to work on our buoyancy a bit, but we have made such great progress since our first class. All the previously certified divers (Seal teams 2 and 3) dove right off of Argo for the first time and swam down the mooring line to a sloping reef that I heard was full of lionfish, coral, and other fun ocean friends. Before and after dives, people either caught up on classwork, helped with passage planning (Zoe and Max), relaxed onboard, or had some shore time while delicious meals of veggie lasagna and a pot roast were cooked by head chef Ben and sous chefs Tim and Golden. We are finishing up today with seamanship class learning NavMaster from Elder Gabe before making last-minute plans for our free day onshore tomorrow. Oh, and Emma made her head look like Avatar.

Shoutout to Mom, Dad, Kassi, Kat, Krissi, and other family/friends, love you all! Kassi, you better pick up my call next time you are the only one not at school or work.
– Katie