Location: Connecticut

One of the things I miss most about Seamester in the mornings on Ocean Star. I was never really a morning person before the trip, and even now, at home, I tend to roll over when light shines through my window at 9 am. But on Ocean Star, it was different. I was so excited to hop out of my bunk when I heard the skipper’s voice and walk up the companionway to see the beautiful blue water and bright sky against the mast of the foresail. Some days I would even wake up before the 7 am wake-up call to watch the sunrise or get in a 10-minute ab workout with Marin. It was always such a peaceful time to be on deck before breakfast. Thank you, Ocean Star, for giving me an appreciation for waking up early and teaching me to be grateful for every day we get. Also, thank you to the nineteen other people who made waking up early so exciting and worth it. Miss you all!

Pictured: Some morning views featuring Faith