Location: Underway to Bequia

Hello and good evening, all readers at home
When last I wrote for Argo’s blog, a frog had found its way aboard
And with much ado and opinions spread, was brought before the court
The fate of the frog was discussed in depth, and at long last, it was dispatched

Today we have another guest, a large and mighty moth
Our moth is brown in several shades, with spots like eyes upon its wings
Amanda found it in the morning, munching on a PFD
With haste, a chart house sign was made, with words that read “beware giant moth”
The moth was brought from down below. On deck, it fluttered in the breeze
It nibbles laundry on the lines, it lands on towels, and hides in rags
While some are squeamish, I hope it stays
This moth just means that much to me


Yesterday we began our passage from Antigua to Bequia, and we expect to be underway until tomorrow evening. This passage is different from all other passages. The students have elected their own leaders and are now running the boat without help from the staff. I write to you now not as Argo’s chief mate but as more of a nautical consultant that’s along for the ride. Peter, Zoe, Elisabeth, and Natalie have taken over as skipper, chief mate, navigator, and engineer, respectively. Brina, MG, Elene, Emma, and Ellie are the watch team leaders now. The staff is still involved in some things around the boat; this afternoon, we called a surprise flooding drill, where Freddie, Claire, and Ben played the part of the rising water. Unfortunately, too many sections of the boat became pretend inundated with water, so it turned into an abandon ship drill. For the most part, though, sails go up and down, generators turn on and off, and orders are given by the whims of the new administration. We have spent all semester preparing the students for this, and at long last, for the first time, there are literally setting their own course. We are all very proud of them.

Pictured: The moth on a sail, our skipper Peter with the moth, our engineer Natalie with the moth, our chief mate Zoe with the moth, our navigator Elisabeth and Max with the moth, the moth one more time