Location: Mountain Point, British Virgin Islands

Today was packed with new experiences and lots of adventures. First, we started breakfast at 7 am with bagels and cream cheese with fresh pineapple and melon. Then we left Savannah Bay and went down to Mountain Point for some more open water and advanced dives. Once we worked as a team to drop anchor, our leaders went over the various emergency drills, like what to do in a fire, what to do if there is a flood, and abandoning ship. We got split into groups, and my group learned how to work the diesel crash pump that takes water from the sea to fight a fire on the ship or visa-versa to pump water out if there was a flood. It was quite exciting and entertaining due to our hilarious crew members (you can see from the photos). Then we proceeded to do our dives, and my group got to see some amazingly vibrant parrotfish, tuna, blue tang, and the beloved feather duster. We ended the day with a refreshing ocean shower and veggie chili with some surprisingly spicy hot sauces (I am from Texas, and these were still hot). We, of course, always end dinner with a “squeeze” where we got to share our career goals and why we are pursuing them, which allowed us to get to know our crew and staff even more.

All in all, another great day in the BVI with Seamester.