Location: Underway

We wake up again to another day of passage life full of watch teams, deck showers, and classes. The mustache competition gets better and better with every no-shave day. Today was a day packed with classes and movies. We got to enjoy the voice of David Attenborough in Blue Planet for marine biology and Brad Pitt’s outstanding Austrian accent in 7 Years in Tibet. During MTE, we broke off into teams and calculated our location for 5:00 pm using only a calculator, toast, and a stopwatch. By nighttime, Argo faced some rough waves, especially during the late-night watches. Watch team 2, as usual, did a fantastic job keeping Argo afloat and enjoyed an inspirational sailing documentary called Morning Light after one of our shifts. As the night progressed, we could see that our presumed 1.5-2 day passage would turn out to be a bit longer, yet we eagerly look forward to our arrival into Cuba.