Location: St. Vincent

After spending several days on the beautiful island of Bequia, it was time to move on. We raised anchor and set sail for St. Vincent in the morning and tacked north to our destination as we avoided several storms. We now have a good amount of experience with Ocean Star. We got the flying jib up to catch as much wind as possible. While underway, we had a more detailed seamanship lesson on sail anatomy and got good practice tacking. Soon enough, we arrived at Young Island, on the coast of St. Vincent. Here, we moored to a mooring ball instead of dropping anchor, to the joy of the crew. Young Island is mostly a resort island, but we got some nice relaxing time ashore. Here, I found a St. Vincent Parrot on display, sparking mixed emotions about the beauty of the bird and sadness of their declining numbers (~500 in the wild and only endemic to St. Vincent). After Young Island, we moved to a small steep island to the east, which was home to the historic Fort Duvernette, dating back to British control of the islands in the 1790s. We climbed the 200 ft tall island on a windy stone staircase and came out to the ruins with cannons pointing off to sea. A tall rock provided a perfect platform for the whole crew to sit and enjoy a typically gorgeous sunset over the ocean.

Pictured: A view of Ocean Star from the fort; Brit tightening the clutch to raise anchor; Crew under sail; Eli, Ridge, and Brit climbing up to the fort; A St. Vincent Parrot; fort views; Jon, Amy, Jill, Matthew, and Steff in the sunset, Jon and Steff at sunset.