Location: St. Lucia

What another amazing day with Seamester! Today, we got to explore Saint Lucia and all the amazing things it has to offer. The morning started with oatmeal and fruit, then we all got ready to head ashore. After meeting up with our taxi driver, we headed to our first destination, volcano and mud baths. We went inside the crater of the volcano, which was really a caldera because the land had sunk in. This caldera, very similar to Yellowstone, had boiling pits of sulfur, iron, and other minerals. The smell of sulfur was intense, and our clothes would definitely be smelling for a while. We had a guided tour of the volcano to learn a bit more about its properties and history before taking a dip in the hot river and getting a mud bath. We scrubbed our entire bodies with the mud that is said to have exfoliating and healing properties. The mud was grainy and felt very nice, and there was also a darker black mud that was very smooth. Once we were all sufficiently dirty and scrubbed, we washed off in the river that was heated by the caldera. Once finished, we rinsed off and got some souvenirs from the locals nearby. Our taxi driver had decided to get some food in town while we were at the mud pits, so we had to wait for him a bit, but we were in no rush and ate our lunch and enjoyed the scenery. Our next stop was a beautiful botanical garden. We were guided again through the gardens and admired the massive variety of tropical plants and all the beauty they provided while learning about their uses and, for some, their dangers. The botanical garden led to a stunning waterfall, adding to the views we were already taking in. After a quick stop to get ice cream, we continued on our way. Our third and final destination was a hot spring. This was a favorite location among the group as we got to stand under the steaming waterfalls and relax in the hot spring pools. Feeling refreshed, we headed back to the boat, where we had to center our minds and thoughts to take our oceanography midterm. We all feel much better having that over with, and we enjoyed our usual playful boat shower and a lovely sunset. We have a movie night planned to celebrate the midterms being over, and I think we will all enjoy our last night here at Saint Lucia!