Location: Grenada

Today was a day of the ages; we started our endeavor with a very enthusiastic wake up by our skipper at 6:45 am and a hearty breakfast of Beans and Cheese on Toast with tomato. After cleanup, we were ferried to shore and traveled by van up to the Seven Sisters Waterfall area and began our adventure. First, we hiked the concord trail, which presented a challenge in the shape mud. Although it was a very messy hike, we had a great time seeing the beautiful interior of Grenada, and it’s vibrant rain forests. We then enjoyed a packed lunch of sandwiches at Crater Lake. We then headed to the waterfalls themselves and were able to play and swim in the pools surrounding them. After we had our fill of the waterfalls, we proceeded back to Argo. Upon arrival, we had time to shower and change and prepare for dinner. We then had a feast of fried rice and grilled chicken cooked to perfection by our amazing cooks. After dinner clean up, we heard a very educating lecture by our lovely Hayley followed by an Oceanography class on the chemical properties of our marine environment.