Location: Underway from Dominica to Antigua

Today started out as a great day since we had banana bread for breakfast! After we had breakfast, we were subjected to an oceanography quiz and a fish I.D. exam in the same hour! I thought my head was going to explode, but thankfully, it didn’t. After that torture session, we began our passage prep which is as fun as it sounds. After this, we had some free time which we spent either swimming or freediving. We then had lunch which was great! After lunch, we listened to Henery’s leadership presentation, which happened to be the last one we were having! It was very solid, and after that, we started raising the sails and getting underway. Being underway wasn’t very eventful except for the dolphins we saw, thanks to Katie’s herding call. We had mac and cheese for dinner, and that’s pretty much it. This will be my last time writing to you, and I am very sad that this is the case. There have been ups and downs throughout my experience being your skipper, but they have now come back full circle, and all I can think about is how much fun it has been. This has been you, skipper, for the last time, signing off

Picture 1: Noah being an absolute lad
Picture 2: Cleaning squad after breakfast
Picture 3: Leaving the bay in Dominica
Picture 4: Sam and Keaton asking for a photo
Picture 5: Folks chilling after our sail raises had been completed
Picture 6: An amazing picture
Picture 7: A funny conversation about the Piller of Autumn
Picture 8: Our last sunset underway
Picture 9: Katie
Picture 10: Julian and Erin preparing to pull up the anchor