Location: Statia

Today we started the day quite tense… NAV Master exam day. With a population of 50% of the Peoples Republic of Ocean star being confident with the test, the first group indulged with NAV Master. While most of us were studying, a few others and I made peace to face the imminent doom. The tension was building up in my group… I did one last review and entered the chambers where the test where being taken. I look to my right and see Sean and Ash ready to fight this dragon, and to my left, the noble Charles the third is getting his Navigation skills ready. Drew handed us the test, and… BOOM! The clock started to tic… I took my medication, hoping it would make me learn everything I didn’t know during the fight. Started with the first page and ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT. SECOND PAGE… POW. The third page was complicated. With not a lot of time left, Sir Alexis Lancelot puts the final dagger in the dragon’s heart and killed the test. After those long two hours, Sir Charles the Third and Sir Alexis Lancelot rendezvous in the forward castle to talk strategies on if we actually did well and killed the test… After much anticipation, Drew came by and announced the scores… WE ALL PASSED. The good won! We were all celebrating. To celebrate, we had a trivia sign-out night. We all put on our best attires and went out! We had a really fun night with the trivia questions, and before I knew it, Drew, Katie, Kebo, and I were in the water. We celebrated over us all killing the dragon. So all 15 knights were joined at the round table and went to sleep.

Alexis Shakespeare

Photo 1: Kebo working away on his nav master exam
Photo 2: Everyone discussing trivia answers
Photo 3: Drew, the quizmaster