Location: Tobago Cays, St Vincent

Our marvelous day started off with a delicious breakfast consisting of blueberry bagels and an assortment of delightful jams. After breakfast, we cleaned up our plates and had our first class of the day while we motored down to Tobago Cays. Our Oceanography class consisted of a wonderful presentation by Chris about Hurricanes and how climate change is impacting their frequency and volume. The other part of Sam’s class consisted of something so interesting; it’s best not to go into too much detail! After Oceanography, we had some free time which a majority of us spent taking a well-deserved nap. After getting some extra sleep, we had burgers and fries for lunch which turned out great! Thanks, Head Chef Addisen! After lunch, we had our first class for our nav-master unit that we will be focusing on for the remainder of the trip. In this class, we discussed how to read charts properly and did our best to chart locations on some maps, which went as well as you’d expect. Then, we went snorkeling with the hope of seeing some sea turtles and maybe a shark. We didn’t see the shark today, but we did happen to find a few turtles having a good time. After snorkeling, we had some downtime which some of us used to have some quality time with Chris’s Mom as well as rinse off and relax. Ann Newton, if you’re reading this, Meg and Keaton said to say Hi! We then had an amazing mac and cheese dinner, which was the first mac and cheese I’ve ever thoroughly enjoyed. After this, I came up with an amazing question on the spot on what everyone’s favorite island on our voyage had been so far. Now, I’m currently writing this blog, so I can’t tell you what happens next! That’s going to be Steve’s job, so I wish him the best of luck! This has been your faithful skipper, signing off!

Photo 1: The gang having a ball with their charts
Photo 2: Walter and Addisen cooking up lunch
Photo 3: Liam hard at work, focusing on the floor
Photo 4: Dishy pit fun
Photo 5: Celia holding up her rice crispy contraption
Photo 6: Celia and Meg flexing
Photo 7: Pestering me to take pictures
Photo 8: Beautiful Sunset
Photo 9: Liam explaining how nice the sunset is
Photo 10: Keaton and Katie with a photo bomber in the background
Photo 11: Addison and Keaton free diving
Photo 12: Julian on the hunt for a sea turtle
Photo 13: A nice chat with Chris’s mom
Photo 14: My new teenage turtle friends