Location: Great Harbour Peter

To be a sponge. Most people would not know what its like to be a sponge or even consider what it would be like to be a sponge. But the new crew of Ocean Star are rapidly learning to all be sponges! They are currently absorbing an immense amount of new information and knowledge with every hour of their new life aboard Ocean Star. And this absorption rate will only increase throughout this next week as they learn all of the various aspects to living on a boat, in the Caribbean, and with 14 other people in very close quarters. A bit over-whelming at first but as time goes on new aspects to life that are foreign now, will become second nature soon. Then this little crew of sponges will begin to learn and absorb even more information. The beginning of a voyage is always fun for me as I get to see everyone become so excited for something that I might have brushed off as nothing abnormal, like swimming in the ocean for shower time. It reminds me just how amazing life is out here and how awesome it is to relive that wonder with every new crew and voyage. We have a wonderful and spirited crew aboard and I have nothing but excitement looking forward to another epic adventure.