Location: Gran Canaria

This morning started a bit later than usual with a delightful wake-up. Little does the rest of the crew know, they were almost woken up even earlier by the fire alarm (which would’ve been the second time this week- and it is not quiet), but Sam ran into the galley just in time to tell the chefs to open the hatches, and she really saved the morning mood. Breaky was slightly delayed, which allowed for a very slow, mellow wake-up, which was quite the contrary compared to our neighbors, the Swedish Navy, who were up long before seven practicing drills. The galley team produced excellent banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and chicken mozzarella subs for lunch, along with tons of free entertainment consisting of singing their hearts out and practicing some stunts (pictured below). We got many questionable looks as we did cleanup blasting 2000s hits and country songs on deck.
After an oceanography class, we got time to do some much-needed nav practice, laundry, or whatever else. The fridge guys had to work in the galley, so we even got dinner on shore. Jac, Big Rach, Skylar, Zoe, Emy, Asa, Isabelle, and I walked to the beach not far from the boat and went for a refreshing swim. The beach had a park on it; it was like we all went back in time and went on all the play structures. Jac had an unfortunate mishap with a kids-size sea-saw thing and got himself stuck, but not to worry, our adventurer soon found his way out.
After returning to the boat from dinner, Sophie had asked Lindsay to shave her head, and Lindsay happily obliged. Pretty soon, we had a whole haircut party. Cooper shaved his head, Zoe got a fresh new cut looking a LOT like Carolyn and/or Calum, and Hendo also got a mullet from Amelia. They all pull off their new cuts oh so very well. We were up long into the morning (aka 1 am) finishing all the hairdos, but we still have some to finish tomorrow, so look out for Zoe’s blog!
Sorry, this is so short, but I have to go back to doing my cleanup job. Talk to you all soon!!

To everyone at home, I miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you :)))