Location: Virgin Gorda to Saba

What’s gucci home dwellers,

Last night was our first-night passage on the open ocean, traveling from Virgin Gorda in the BVI. To the little rocky island of Saba. Although it started out mesmerizing with a sky full of stars and the boat cresting wave after wave, it got rough pretty quick. There were moments where we doubted it, but we made it safely to Saba after 18 hours with everyone alive, if a bit queasy. Once we dropped anchor, we went ashore in a slightly roundabout manner: We took our dinghy out to just off the coast, swam the last 5 yards, and climbed a set of stairs called the Ladder placed into a cliff face that seemed to be as high as Everest. It was a tough hike, but personally, the view at the end was worth the climb. The cliff dropped out pretty sharply, and you could see the horizon stretch out for miles and miles. It was a breathtaking sight made perfect by the setting sun during our descent. We spent a couple of hours in The Bottom (the town right off the Ladder) stocking up on munchies, exploring and “caffeinating” up before heading back to the Ladder. As the sunset, a new crew member joined up. We call him Mystery Brian, and we hope he survives the rest of the trip.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of coconut milk! (Hey, mom)