Location: Tobago Cays, St Vincent and the Grenadines

One of my favorite days so far aboard the Ocean Star! Everyone was excited that it was Jack’s birthday because Jack is so awesome. We gave him a sash which he wore proudly to breakfast. We began the morning with a marine biology exam, followed by seamanship, where we worked towards our ICC certifications. Head chef Griffin made delicious pad thai which put everyone in a great mood. Clara also made endless chocolate cake which I have been snacking on all day. As a result of this energy, the salty pit got a bit out of hand today and resulted in water wars, where Nick was the main perpetrator. After lunch, we had some time to finish up our water quality tests from yesterday, as well as dinghy school and our dive logbooks.

Then, we went onshore and enjoyed some time on the beach. The islands here are some of the most beautiful we have seen so far (hard to believe it could get better than Nevis and Grenada, but yes). Many of us decided to climb a tree, which looked particularly inviting because it had a rope swing. While in the tree, we were informed that the tree was poisonous; however, all of us have survived the tree so far. Next, we joined the other boats for an amazing beach BBQ! The locals hosted us and served fresh lobster with plantains and potatoes. We each got to eat half of a lobster, and it was the best one I have ever had. It was fun to celebrate Jack’s birthday on a sign-out night as we all gave him a toast! I’m looking forward to exploring this area more tomorrow and getting a freediving lesson with Ash soon.

Love you, family, Dylan, and Sin binners!!
XOXO Grace