Location: Underway to Panama

Pre-Argo, very few of my days started by eating Pringles, singing to the Hamilton soundtrack, and helming a 112ft. staysail schooner. Simultaneously. From 12 to 4 in the morning. But, as we have all begun to realize, very few days on Argo are simply “ordinary,” and this has proved to make each and every day its own miniature treasure.

Following our moonlit adventures, Watch Team 3 promptly returned to bed while Watches 1 and 2 took the deck until 12 pm, leading us seamlessly into (an every so slightly rain-delayed) lunch of veggie pesto bowls. Satiated, content, and (mostly) dry, we then moved back down below for our daily academic stimulation. Oceanography and Leadership were the names of the game today, filling our notebooks with everything from the ion composition of seawater to the five components of effective leadership. Some increased sea state kept us from our newly-introduced and wholly unforgettable tradition of afternoon deck showers (think outdoor shower, but power-washer style). Still, the opportunity for a freshwater, down-below shower was deeply appreciated by all. After some free time to study and socialize, the chef crew wowed us once again with an impressively punctual and truly fantastic dinner.

The sun is setting, dinner cleanup is concluded, and it’s almost time for the 8 pm -midnight watch that will usher in a new blissful day of passage to Panama. What Comes Next? Impossible to say…though stunning sunsets and uncontrollable laughter are bound to be a part of it. We are all beyond Satisfied with where this journey has gone so far and where it is yet to take us. There’s little time to Take A Break, but that’s okay — these days are Non-Stop in the absolute best way possible.

Current position: 1330.7205’N x 7137.1772’W

1. Views from bow watch
2. Head chef Sam (middle) and sous-chefs Una and Tim killing it in the galley
3. Thea basking in the afterglow of post-cleanup peace