Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

“You’re going to need a jumper,” or as Steph heard ‘jumper.” For watch team 3, the morning started out at 4:30 am as we crawled out of our bunks for watch what would be the last watch of our sail to St. Lucia. A beautiful sunrise and some mellow tunes got us through until the coffee kicked in, and we could see the Pitons growing along the horizon.

We had sails dropped and were settled in on the dock before lunch. About halfway through the meal, we were greeted by the best surprise imaginable, a MANTA RAY. NOODLE. (yes, we named the manta Noodle:) She came right up to the surface alongside Ostar. We thought she was only around for a few minutes, but then she came back all throughout the afternoon, and we even got to spend a while watching her barrel roll to feed right next to us. Evidently, St. Lucia has already exceeded our expectations.

After lunch, we showed Ocean Star some love with a boat appreciation (deep clean) and Drew even acid-washed the cap rails to get her looking pretty. For dinner, we took advantage of the opportunity of being on the dock to get dinner out, followed by a sign-out night. With all the restaurants in the marina, meals ranged from sushi to Thai food to burgers, goat cheese bowls, and everything in between. Another day of unexpected adventures on board.

Photos 1-4 NOODLE
Photo 5 That one time we (staff) weren’t in sun shirts
Photo 6 Steph and her rainbow