Location: Underway to Cape Town

Today we had our final how to where we learned about more friendship bracelet styles from Morella as well as our final destination presentation where Haley caught us up on all things Cape Town since she’s already lived there for several months. Other than that we had a relatively simple day to either catch up on some final homework assignments, get some sun during watch, and some people even watched some movies. Late this afternoon we hit a pretty big mark on our final passage: The turn to north. After reaching the southernmost point of this trip, Cape Agulhas, (a.k.a the closest we’ve come to Antarctica) it was time to make our way north to our final destination of Cape Town. Fortunately (Or unfortunately depending on how you view things) the weather made a complete turn around to chilly with a blanket of gray clouds. We’ve closed out today with a solid dinner of chicken saut and excitement to get to Cape Town. We’re on track to get there tomorrow morning around 8 AM. Although it may be a bit of a struggle to wake up after a few hours of watch and even fewer hours of sleep, I’m sure that everyone will be on deck to round the cape like we talked about 84 days ago. This is my last blog I have the pleasure of writing, and all though the end of the trip has become a reality previously, with each day it sets in more and more. Even with that being the case, it’s still the same spunky, weird, excited and adventurous atmosphere on board that we’ve had since arrivals. Wishing anyone reading this a wonderful closing of November and an even better first of December.