Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Today was a somber day aboard Ocean Star. We had “normal” wakeups at 7 am, although almost everyone was already awake trying to savor the last few hours together onboard. We had a hodgepodge breakfast that consisted partially of students eating their snacks that they have been hoarding in their bunks all semester. After the feverish energy of booking flights and packing yesterday, the mood was much more relaxing this morning. Most students had spent their evening writing “cards,” which is something we typically do at the end of a semester. Still, under the circumstances, we decided to do it before the students departed the vessel. It is an opportunity for everyone onboard to write nice memories and compliments to each other to keep as a memory of their time together. Because the remainder of our semester will not be spent together on the boat, we went ahead and had students write them now to reflect on the 45 days they had on board with each other. With bags packed, cards in hand, and lots of memories to take with them, students began departing around 8 am. At least we had a beautiful sunny day as a send-off from Ocean Star. The students who were on later flights played games and took pictures of all their favorite things. As the final students left around lunchtime, the staff moved Ocean Star out of St. John’s marina and back down to the southern part of Antigua in Falmouth Harbor. You guys will be happy to hear that it is much less roll-y, and we can actually make freshwater here because the water is clearer. There are several other large sailing vessels near us, but no gaff-rigged schooners like us!

We are looking forward to a massive BA tomorrow- too bad you all aren’t here to help us scrub the bilges!! We saw another pretty sunset and thought of all of you on your way home. Wishing health and safety to you all, and we look forward to continuing classes via the interwebs.

Amanda, Lolo, Sasha, and Steve