Location: Pearns Bay, Antigua

Today is officially known as Day 18 of the program. What’s so special about it? We have our very first marine bio paper on lionfish control due tonight. Well, parents and friends, of course, we’re all fantastic students, none of us had to procrastinate, and we all went to bed super early last night. This morning, we were awoken with some fresh homemade bagels by Graham, Alice, and Megan to start us off for a wonderful day.

We continued our Nav Master class with Calum in the morning. We learned how to accurately calculate compass headings taking variations and deviations into account, and hopefully, soon, we could put these skills in real practice when we start charting our own courses. The seamanship class was followed by some Rescue Diver theory videos and a quick lunch of delicious hot dogs and french fries. Captain Steve rejoined us after his morning visit to the doctor. He finally got to take his stitches out, although the cut still has some healing to do!

In the afternoon, we finally got to jump into the water and practice being heroic. Rescue training included surface rescue, underwater unconscious diver rescue, and a little “hide and seek,” where we had to search and recover a diver. The Ray Team boys couldn’t give up on the opportunity of having a little free time after the dive. Joined by Ash, they swam to a rocky outcrop to explore a natural cave system. Unfortunately, our beloved Ethan was ambushed by some sneaky sea urchins again. Wait a second, didn’t we just learned about marine injury first aid yesterday? I guess we got ourselves an extra demonstration from Sydnei.

Meanwhile, Graham, Meg, and Alice worked diligently in the galley and made us lemon chicken for dinner, which was delicious. Now, everyone is suited up for our first night dive, which got quickly canceled due to a quickly approaching lightning storm, but there will be more opportunity.

Hasta luego